Moschino Peace and Love

Moschino do big, brash, ironic glam like noone else - and this latest collection of jewels from the Italian fashion house is no exception.

Check out pics of the collection.

The playful 2009/10 'Peace and Love' jewellery collection teams chunky silver bracelets with red heart pendants; gold and silver spangly earrings with the Moschino symbol, and necklaces in silver and gold with a candy heart spinning playfully at the bottom. Not only is the jewellery glamtastic, the packaging is yum too. (Boxes are printed in telltale Moschino paper print...)

Pieces cost anywhere from between 60 and 110 euro and can be bought on the Moschino website. We love this latest cheeky offering Moschino. Please Santa, can we have the heart bracelet as a stocking filler?

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