monokini swimsuits uk - there's one to suit every budget!

Monokini swimsuits UK are the ultimate in fashion statements on the beach! Cleverly combining the sexiness of a bikini with the practicality of a one piece, it's no wonder that many high street chains are mass producing their own versions.

Sandstormluxury.co.uk offer a truly decadent array of swimwear from top designers such as Maryann Melhorn and Melissa Odabash. This kind of luxury isn't affordable for everyone though as a monokini from the Paradizia Swimwear 2011 range will set you back at least £115.

The Banana Moon section is a more tempting prospect with their Mobama monokini costing only £65.

Price comparison websites such as shopstyle UK currently have monokinis on display that range from the budget price of £18 right up to the eye watering Juicy couture monikini that will cost you £135 and is available from Asos. If the budget version is sounding like music to your ears, then Matalan currently stocks monokinis in various animal prints.

Shop bop is a site that sits somewhere between budget and high end luxury and offers monokinis from around £92 upwards. Initially the prices are in US dollar but you can convert them to your own currency at the top of the site. If you pay by credit card, the card will be charged in dollars so your bank may add on additional charges for this service.

If you're really on a shoestring budget then browsing through eBay can be helpful as there are a variety of eBay shops that specialise in new swimwear. Right now eBay has monokinis that are priced at only £5.99 for a plain black version.

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