Moncler Fall and Winter 2013-2014 down jacket and coat collection

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Moncler, the luxury sportswear brand, is renowned for its blend of sporting technology and chic style that they’ve put into their fabulous puffer and quilted jackets and ski-wear.

The French brand is back with another amazing collection of glamorous and trendy solutions for this Fall and Winter 2013-2014 that will make even the most hardcore fashionista fall in love with.

As usual Moncler has an impressive and strong lineup of down coats and jackets to choose from, some are more sporty looking while others are more refined and chic and can take us easily through any cold winter in the city in fashionable style.

Remo Ruffini, the president and creative director of the brand has released a collection that truly follows his motto: “Dress everyone who wants a quality product, give a Moncler jacket to everyone”.

Let’s take a brief look at what this season’s collection has to offer us besides the already breathtaking Moncler Grenoble and Gamme Rouge lines.

If you are bold and aggressive the leopard printed Lyn or Argentee jackets are definitely the right choice for you, but if you like something a little less showy, but still want to rock the day away we can suggest the Roseau, Fluette and Bergenie models.

The first is a vintage style biker jacket with leather trim and gold studs, while the second is an extra lightweight nylon jacket with enamelled studs and grosgrain trim and the third features decorative Chanel like chains along the zip, pockets and hem line.

Since it is winter Moncler obviously offers an array of different models trimmed with real fur, and in some silhouettes the fur is detachable.

PHOTO GALLERY: Moncler coats and jacket collection for Fall and Winter 2013-2014

You’ll find fur around turtle neck style collars and around hoods for a more sporty look and also used to as applications to detail jackets that are couture inspired such as the Nue and Rumex.

In the color palette you'll find white, beige, taupe, as well as the darker ones such as classic black, several hues of gray, brown and blue but there’s also more intense and brighter shades like emerald green, deep purple, red and orange.

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