Monster in Manhattan

Proving her dedication to dressing like a deranged Starlight Express fan every minute of the day, Lady Gaga has been snapped on the streets of New York sporting a terrifying get-up of rusty-black ball gown, stilts and steam-punk goggles. At first glance we assumed the constant touring had finally gone to her head, leaving Gaga manically wandering the streets looking for a park bandstand or raised pavement to perform on, but actually the look is all for the much more serious matter of an Annie Leibovitz photo shoot.

The legendary Leibovitz is perhaps the world’s most theatrical photographer of the moment and we’d safely say that few pop stars come close to matching Gaga’s sense of OTT style (sorry Liberace, you’ll just have to try harder next time) so the results of this photoshoot will be interesting indeed.

Innocent passers by were treated to a range of different looks from the Gagstar including a sort of psycho-fashion-alien-queen ensemble of red puff-sleeved dress with gravity defying heels and some ‘don’t mess with me’ shades, plus a positively normal-looking (by comparison) black and white fur number, reminiscent of Daphne Guinness, played by Cruella de Vil.

Check out the shots on Grazia. The final, probably heavily artworked, images will be shown in Vanity Fair in the coming months so we will be sure to bring them to your attention just as soon as we’ve stopped gawping at them.

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