How to take care of your mohair jumpers

Mohair jumpers are valued because of their outstanding qualities - they are made of gentle fabrics that are soft to the touch. Their satin-like textures are pleasing to the eye and the skin. Moreover, they are versatile clothes that go with nearly everything from outer wear and shoes to accents and accessories. With the right care and attention, you'll enjoy wearing them for many years to come.

Care tips

Here are a few suggestions to keep your mohair jumpers looking good:

1. Follow care instructions on labels

Mohair, like any other fine fabric, must be handled with care. Read labels before attempting to clean. The label says it all, from dry cleaning to hand wash only.

2. Hand wash using a gentle soap

If you decide to clean your mohair jumpers yourself, use a gentle soap such as a hand washing liquid or a baby shampoo. Use specially formulated soaps and detergents for washing woollens including mohair.

3. Air them

Hang jumpers overnight on the back of a chair or stairway rails. Airing helps to get rid of annoying smells such as food odours and cigarette smoke. This way, you limit washing time and preserve their condition.

4. Do not spray with perfumes and deodorants

Mohair care is similar to any other fabric. Contact with chemicals should be avoided. Wait until your perfume has dried off before putting on your jumpers and do not put on any scent or deodorant once you have your mohair sweater on. This also means avoiding the temptation of spraying perfumes on your wrists at test counters. Avoid cleaning the house dressed in your jumper, as a small splash of bleach can damage the fabric.

5. Avoid dangling jewellery

To avoid getting rips and holes in your mohair jumpers, refrain from wearing necklaces, bracelets and dangling earrings that get tangled.

6. Store them properly when not in use

If you are not going to use them, put your mohair jumpers in a dry and moisture-free place. Before storing them, make sure that they are cleaned to avoid the formation of moths and moulds.

Enjoying mohair jumpers

Knowing how to take good care of your mohair jumpers is as important as wearing them properly. Following simple care tips ensures that they will be in nearly the same condition when you took first bought them. By being mindful of their delicate qualities, you'll be able to enjoy their warmth and stylish design for years to come.

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