Mix with the Middletons with Modula Handbags

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Modula handbags carry all the class, elegance and luxury you would normally associate with a designer handbag. The leather is soft and authentic and they have that air of grandeur. It's no wonder Pippa Middleton has one in every colour the brand offers. The thing is though Modula Handbags actually start at the very low price of £70.

Modula Handbags may have been made famous by young Pippa - so much so they renamed their best-selling bag after her which went on to sell out across the world but Modula's designer has an ethos all of her own.

Norwegian born designer Marion Mulhonen Nilsen is passionate about luxurious yet wearable leather handbags and it's the savvy independent woman who is right at the heart of the brand's spirit.

Modula Handbags come in tote, clutch and shoulder style. They even have a summer beach bag for 2011 'The Provence.' The designer handbags are made in sophisticated colours - whites, creams, tans, blacks, browns and greys although they all so offer some kooky deep purples and blues with intricate designs more suited for wedding guest attire. They also carry a neat and classic range of purse finished with the haute couture gold studding popular today. You'll find they have plaited, roped and ribboned their leather to create startling effects on their bags as well.

Modula Handbags are only available to buy in stores in Britain and in Germany and although fans were ringing like crazy after Pippa stepped out with her clutch bag they've yet to open up in any other countries. Alas - you need not fear because unlike many other designers you can buy online direct from Modula Handbags website. Happy shopping.


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