Models at war - Versace style

Boob wars, fisticuffs over haircuts, those were the days...Today we offer up a gem of tale from the annals of fashion history, recounted by the queen of big yellow hair and tight lycra dresses herself; Ms Donatella Versace.

She tells The Independent, 'Kate, Kristen (McMenamy) and Amber (Valletta). It was a fantastic moment, Kristen was a big problem with my brother at first – she was crazy; Gianni just did not understand right away. The stories! Ha! Between her and Linda, it was like watching a movie that never ends...

'One day they had a fight about roots. Kristen had arrived with black roots in blonde hair, and Linda arrived with black roots in blonde hair; and both of them went mad, both saying they were first. Really, that is a big thing for models – roots! They were calling the hairdresser in New York, the colourist in New York, and I was called on as a witness to say who was the first to do black roots in blonde hair. At the time Steven Miesel was really inventing the look of the girls in this way, so I knew who was first: Kristen.'

Thank god Donatella Holmes was there to unravel that particular conundrum. Anyway, the grande dame of OTT fashion continues to wax lyrical on her unhinged charges: 'when a new girl came along, oh my God, it was like a war. The first time they got together, it was the big girls versus the new girl. I remember one time backstage: Linda needed to go on the runway. She was about to put in her fake boobs and found one of them had been taken. 'Where is my boob? Where's my boob?' she was screaming over and over. I think it was Kristen – it was always Kristen. I would be stuck in the middle.'

Kristen the boob stealer; we think there's a film in it...

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