Go retro with mod parka coats

Mod parka coats started off as a practical choice for those breezy runs down to Brighton on every mod's favourite mode of transport, the scooter. They were originally military coats, adapted for leisure use by the armies of mods who headed off for Bank Holiday rides. In the mod heyday of the mid-1960s they progressed from being just a way of keeping warm to becoming a key part of the fashion-conscious mod look.

In the following decade, courtesy of the Quadrophenia film, the look returned, with mod parka coats the obvious choice for anyone who wanted to replicate the original 60s style. Accessorised with Union Jacks or target motifs, they were the must-have item for any mod revivalist.

At the height of Britpop frenzy in the mid-1990s, the parka was revisited once more, popularised by Liam Gallagher of Oasis, who liked to mix and match a ragbag of 60s and 70s influences.

These days, mod parka coats are recognised as a classic item of British design, that also happens to keep you cosy, whether you are posing on the ski slopes or fighting the elements at an outdoor rock festival.

Classic vintage parkas can still be found on ebay (www.ebay.co.uk) and similar sites, but they can attract high prices, as collectors vie to snap them up. If the bidding gets a little off-putting, keep your eyes peeled in charity shops, where some old mod's wardrobe might have been donated by an unsympathetic wife.

Otherwise, variations on the classic mod style can be found on the Atom Retro website (www.atomretro.com) devoted to accurate recreations of the original mod fashions. Prices are more reasonable than many vintage specialists.

If you are not too fussy about authenticity, but just want to keep warm, it's inevitable that the high street shops will be offering their own variation on a theme of mod parka coats this season, as this invincible design classic surfaces once more.





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