Mister Popular

You might currently draw a blank on hearing his name, but tattoo Haider Aackerman on your brain, as this designer is set to become huge news. Not only has the Columbian been touted as the potential keeper of the Chanel flame when Lagerfeld eventually retires, but rumours swirl that he's also in discussions to take over from John Galliano at Dior. We'd be happy to take any one of Aackerman's cast off jobs...

Aackerman told Vogue, 'Yes [it's true], but you can never mention those things because it will be very un-elegant to the other persons who accepted the jobs. Let the rumours talk. But I would, at a certain point, accept a house which might fit me and which I would feel comfortable with — but there are not many. I don't think one single person knows the house I'm dreaming of. Due to all the respect I have for Mr Galliano, I prefer not to mention his name. It's not healthy to talk about a company who suffers and a designer who suffers.'

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