Missoni meets Anger

Varese-based fashion house Missoni has unveiled the new campaign for its Autumn / Winter 2010 collection – a two and a half minute film by cult underground filmmaker Kenneth Anger.

The film, which can be seen on the company’s website, bears all the hallmarks of Anger’s work, with the lurid colours and slow fades complimenting the geometric, highly patterned clothing for which Missoni is known. The film features members of the Missoni family generally looking glamorous, and was shot entirely in Sumirago (which is in the province of Varese – yes, we Wikipedia’d it).

Kenneth Anger’s work is shown in galleries and theatres around the world but this is the first time he has exclusively joined forces with a fashion label. The Missoni press release describes the film as ‘a dreamlike, evocative, surreal cinematic portrait’. We call it ‘very nice’.

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