Miss Dior goes Burlesque

John Cameron Mitchell, the man behind cult films Hedwig and the Angry Inch and Shortbus, has teamed up with Dior's creative geniuses to make a short fashion film starring Marion Cotillard.

Lady Grey London shows Cotillard as a burlesque dancer who enjoys bathing in giant sand-filled egg timers and throwing sultry, mysterious looks at members of the audience. One of whom is played by venerable Brit actor Ian McKellen. And of course, this being a Dior film, Miss Cotillard is rarely seen without her coveted Dior handbag.

Beautifully shot and produced, the film was written and directed by Mitchell and has his flair for making risque underground scenes seem terribly glamorous and sophisticated. The film has also successfully persuaded us that A) we need a cream Dior handbag (excellent work, John) and B)Marion Cotillard is definitely one of the most beautiful women alive.


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