Miss Bikini Luxe s/s 2010

Naomi Campbell talked to the Independent on Sunday about the lack of black models in the fashion industry recently, and Miss Bikini Luxe has responded to the supermodel's appeal with a spring / summer 2010 collection called 'Black is Fashion'.

Exotic, luscious and drawing heavily on African inspired materials and colour, the campaign is fronted by models Alex Wek and Sesselee, and has been billed as the ultimate in 'African pop'.

Natural coloured bikinis, sarongs, kaftans and leggings are spruced-up with wild prints and animal or floral motives, drawing inspiration from plumage and nature. Jewel beads and semi-precious stones dazzled as did pearls and glass pendants. This spring/summer 'Africa' collection has already taken Milan Fashion Week by storm, and we can see why. Check out the full show below.

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