Mischa the blushing bride

Former Hollywood favourite Mischa Barton, whose more recent incarnation has been as the US Kerry Katona, has finally got a job. So admittedly it's not film, TV, theatre or even magazine work - but look, it'll pay the rent, okay? Mischa is now a bridal-wear model, parading up and down in front of salivating brides to be, and their nervous looking fiances.

The Huffington Post has all the shots from the collection - and Mischa looks gorgeous, glowing and healthy, so (we can but pray) The Daily Mail and Perez Hilton will find nothing to criticise. There's certainly no hint of the DM's current obsession - cellulite, though that might be because Barton is wearing a floor-length dress.

What do you think of the pictures? Would it, perhaps, have been more beneficial to Mischa's career to stay unemployed? After all - there is surely a fame/respect tipping point...

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