Miranda Kerr's flirty chat with Bruno Mars backstage Victoria's Secret Show

Miranda Kerr, is best known for being one of Victoria's Secret's beautiful Angels, although recently she seems to have started a new career as a chat host. If you want our opinion she'd better keep her daily job, at least for her husband's sake!

The gorgeous model had the chance to interview singer songwriter Bruno Mars before walking down the runway of the 2012 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, but it wasn't long until the conversation turned quite flirty and most of all awkward.

The video featuring the steamy chat between the two was unlocked by fans on Friday, and soon went viral all over the internet and on social networks. Due to the high volume of sharing, the clip was shortly made public, for everyone to watch and comment.

So what was all the frenzy about? Well, dimples. You heard, the small, cute cheek indentations have apparently made the trick and sparked the chemistry between the two. When Miranda asked Bruno about his cheeks, he answered “I think I am the only one. I got four sisters and a brother and I am the only one,(to have them)" and this led to a flirtatious chat about dimples and cheeky winks, which left the model exclaiming: "Oh man, I'm hot, maybe it's cos you just walked in the room."

Things were hotting up for the singer, too, who had to remove his jacket, whilst claiming: “Dang, that's how I feel.” The conversation topic later changed to music and the two found a new common ground in playing musical instruments with Miranda revealing to be practicing piano since she was a child, having learnt from her grandmother.

At this point you might have already guessed what happened next. Miranda Kerr and Bruno Mars treated the fans to an exclusive performance of “You are my sunshine” sung in perfect harmony. The duo were really getting along as a house on fire, we just hope Orlando Bloom took it as well as the fans!

Watch the Miranda Kerr's flirty chat with Bruno Mars Video

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