Mini hair clips style guide

Mini hair clips are a must have for every girl. Ideal for creating short, medium and long styles the hair clips are both functional and decorative.

A mini hair clip benefits from being small enough to be hidden in up styled hair.

Try bushing you hair back into a ponytail, holding the pony tail in your hand, twist the hair and lift upwards and secure with mini clip along the length of of the pony tail itself. This can be a great way to get hair out of your way if you are applying make up or even showering without getting your hair wet.

By using the clips to separate pieces of hair into trestles you can achieve a great beach look, perfect for casual days. Heading to the shops or just hanging with the girls.

The clips come in a range of shapes, colours and even novelty ones with bows or small butterfly motifs. Our advice is to find a range of clips that you like, ones that suit your complexion and also accessorise your wardrobe. It should be easy to build up a collection of the clips as they are so inexpensive. We shop online for ours to ensure the best range and cheapest price, try ATreasureNest.com, a website dedicated to hair accessories. If you prefer the high street Claire's Accessories are a fantastic source of clips.

Finally remember that if you can find the perfect clip you can create it! With some super glue, some glitter and a couple of small costume jewels a plain clip becomes ideal for matching with your rhinestone studded jeans.

Happy shopping!


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