The mini bag: 3 stylish, designer mini bags to look out for

The mini bag is in fashion! From the red carpets, to the catwalk runways and the high streets, the clamour for the stylish and trendy mini bag is high. These clothing accessories are beautifully suited for those days when you don’t have much to carry, but still want to bring out your inner bagista. A wide variety of designer mini handbags come in different shapes, colours and designs. Let's take a closer look at three of our favourite designer mini bag collections.

1. The Marc Pretty

The Marc Pretty Nylon Mini Bag by Marc Jacobs is simply that – pretty! This pretty little bag features very attractive black, white, pink, orange and red prints topped with Marc Jacobs’ own signature top stitching and logo plate on the gold-toned chain strap and front. A basic black and pink print version is also available and very pretty as well. It adds to the versatility of the collection.

2. The Valentino Rockstud Small Leather MiniBag

The Valentino Rockstud Small Leather Mini Bag greatly appeals to those among us who love a little bit of edge in our outfits. At 8 x 4.5 x 2 inches in size, the Valentino Rockstud Small Leather Mini Bag is classic, lady-like elegance worn with rocker studs. It comes in a beautiful, sophisticated sand colour that is perfect for resort summer holiday getaways. Its many pockets ensure it is not limited in functionality. Also available in Ruby and Black, the trendy mini bag will be a treasure in your wardrobe for many years to come.

3. The Wanderer

If you are looking for a stylish, multifunctional mini bag, the Wanderer by Heather Hawkins is what you should get. The mini bag features a very attractive envelope flap that allows for easy closing and opening. Carry the mini bag in your hand for a show-stopping girl’s night out, hang it over your shoulder for increased comfort or wear it around your wrist for a stylish, diva look.

Bottom line

There are so many other beautiful and functional designer mini bags out there that it is difficult not to find something that you absolutely love. The beauty of a mini bag, apart from its style and bold fashion statement, is that it frees your hands for added convenience thanks to its convenient, small and lightweight design. You can carry it securely in your forearm anytime. Go ahead, then. Give your shoulders and back a deserved break with a stylish, designer mini bag.

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