Military watches for men: a cheap alternative to diver's watches

If you want to buy tough watches for men, then you have a choice of a divers or a military timepiece. Divers watches are strong as they have to protect the watch-movement when the timepiece is smashed underwater. Unfortunately, the added protection needed to waterproof them has made divers watches like the Omega Seamaster and the Rolex Submariner into premium products. If you want a strong and affordable timepiece, buy military watches for men.

US military watches

Watches made for the US Military eventually find their way down to law enforcement and then to the general public. The sort of watch made for the US army for strong, reliable and easy to read under all conditions. You should expect high-grade materials and water resistant cases. You could get something like the analogue watches the American Infantry wore in Vietnam which have canvas straps, round dials with black dial faces and white hands, or something used in a modern conflict like Afghanistan.

GSA approved

If you’re interested in buying a US military watches for men, make sure they're U.S. General Services Administration approved. This is the department who procure goods for the US army, so any watch brand claiming to be a US military watch, will have to be approved by them in order to be genuine.

Swiss military watches

Swiss watches are known across the world for their accuracy so a Swiss military watch should be precise and durable. Military and "military inspired" Swiss watches, like those produced by Hanowa Watches, use materials like tritium to make the dial luminous. Most watches are Quartz analogue chronographs with a 50 metre water-resistant case and a rubber strap, but you’ll also find watches with metal bracelets and automatic movement, although they’ll cost you a little more.

Final word

If you want something a bit special, you might want to search online for military watches for men with a compass. This is one of the cool features of military watches for men. It’s probably a feature that you’ll never use but it’ll make the timepiece feel like a military watch should. Websites like eBay and Amazon have lots of military watches for sale so you don’t need to go to a jeweller.

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