Milan Fashion Week Top 10

Alas, our invitation to Milan Fashion Week seemed to go astray in the post. Again. We blame the Italian postal system. So it's lucky that the girls from fashionista.com were there, to bring us their top 10 pieces from the collections.

'1. Christopher Kane’s knife pleat reddish-orange dress at Versus. This cupcake-inspired costume needs to get in my wardrobe. Now.

2. A power jumpsuit suit I can get behind at Salvatore Ferragamo.

3. At Marni, a futuristic take on my favorite silhouette: The peplum.

4. Dolce & Gabbana’s prim satin dress: The duo’s version of retrained sexy.

5. I really, really want a backpack. Jonathan Saunders‘ version for Pollini is the best I’ve seen yet.

6. These Prada knee highs will look great with my brogues.

7. Kate thinks it’s hilarious that I love these furry shorts from D&G because they’re so not my aesthetic. I can’t help it–they look chic and cuddly.

8. My ideal fur coat from Giuliana Teso.

9. I love both the mini polka dot dress trimmed in lace as well as the grey tweed jacket at Dolce & Gabbana.

10. Jil Sander’s flat boots. I’ve already started saving up.'

Re. number 4, we think they mean 'restrained' sexy rather than 'retrained'. Unless they're talking about pets...you never know with fashion types.

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