midnight blue prom dresses uk - all you need to know!

Midnight blue prom dresses UK feature on the Belles of Chester website. Currently there are 5 dresses that are available in midnight blue and the prices range from £152 up to £248.

For the price of 152 pounds you could be wearing the "Shannon" model which is a floor length plain taffeta gown with a ruched bodice and corset style lace up back. This dress comes in sizes 4 - 20.

If you have a bit more to spend then the "Saskia" starts at £255. This dress is a one shoulder gown made of taffeta and features a pickup skirt and beadings.

Somewhere between the two, sits the "Misty" which is a full A-line gown with a split front. This dress has tulle embroidery and beading to the front of the bodice and will set you back 205 pounds.

Newpromdresses.co.uk is a site that produces a listing of all gowns that match your search criteria. Lightinthebox.co.uk is one of the sites that feature strongly in the search for midnight blue prom dresses and that's because they have no less than 22 different styles for you to choose from! Lightinthe box.com often runs online sales so their prices are continually being discounted. This means that today you will only pay £253.29 for a midnight blue ballgown in satin and tulle that originally retailed at a whopping £630.08!

Even if it's a shorter length prom dress that you're searching for you can find discounted models on this site as there is a strapless short mini taffeta prom dress available for £63.32 pounds when originally it would have cost you £123.48!

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