Midi to the max

If you've been sitting at home in your short summery dress fretting because you don't know what to wear come September, go and fetch an ice cream, then sit yourself down and let us tell you all about next season's skirts. In a word it's 'midi'. So no more minis, next season we're all going to be channeling lady-like decorum. Got that?

Alexandra Shulman, editor of Vogue wrote, 'I’ve always been a great fan of the midi. Who says you shouldn’t adopt styles that you’ve worn before? I can’t wait to get my hands on pieces that are close to identical to some of my favourite teenage looks. Any Biba fan will surely remember the wonderful berry-coloured dresses that we wore with suede boots, floppy hats and indigo lipstick. Even if you couldn’t afford them, you couldn’t fail to be influenced by Ossie Clark and Bill Gibb’s printed chiffons that made the Sixties mini look common. They wafted round the calves of girls with wavy hair and knowing smiles. After spending half a decade showing off as much flesh as possible in bottom-skimming minis, it was a sign of sophistication to cover up.'

The trick to wearing the midi is to keep everything else fitted and tailored - no baggy tops or long coats. Team midi's with elegent shoes with a heel, a fitted T-shirt of blouse and some statement jewellery. Elegent, grown-up dressing at its best!

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