metallic and shiny dresses - put your fashion foot forward!

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Metallic and shiny dresses are not for the faint hearted! Every so often, especially around Christmas time, the shops are flooded with dresses and tops in metallic coloured Lycra. The trick with these outfits is to let that metallic piece do the talking and not overload the rest of the outfit with statement accessories. For example if you opted for a silver tunic then you would team it with black opaque tights, killer hells and keep the jewellery to a minimum. Metallic dresses tend to be cut in a figure hugging style so make sure that the one you buy fits you or is even slightly on the large side.

Metallic dresses can make for great clubwear and certain sites such as catsuitstore.co.uk stock them all year round. Easily found under the "dresses/gowns/skirts" section, this site has a selection of very sexy outifts even available in metallic pink.

Some of these dresses are not everyday wear, to put it mildly, as they feature large cut out panels and are skintight. If these are the kind of dresses that you're looking for then you are currently in luck as there is an online sale with many of the outfits considerably reduced.

The shiny metallic pink "gallus" dress is available in sizes small to extra large, or for an additional £10.86 you can opt to have it custom made to your exact specifications, and originally retailed at £78.23 but can be purchased today for only £46.96 which is a saving of 40%!

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