Glamorise Your Look with Metal Hair Combs

Metal hair combs are normally used for more expensive hair accessories. Nearly all handmade combs use metal because it provides a sturdy base for attaching decorative items. Most all of these are made for weddings, proms, or other special occasions.

Where to Find Them

Searching the Internet will provide a multitude of websites that offer handmade hair combs. When looking for something special and handmade it will most likely be on a metal comb. Look at websites like chezbec.com, louloubelles.co.uk, flutterbyweddings.co.uk, glitzysecrets.com and turquoisewedding.co.uk. These sites offer premade combs and several do bespoke work, as well.

You may also be able to find metal combs at places like Charlotte Russe, Claire’s Accessories and Forever 21, and even ASDA and other retail chains. Most any place that sells hair accessories such as elastics, headbands, and hair nets, often have metal hair combs.

When to Wear Them

Metal combs with pretty decorations can be worn any time. Since they are available in so many styles, you are sure to find several that suit everything in your wardrobe.

Custom-made combs are often meant for very special occasions and can be very simple, or very elaborate with feathers, pearls and crystals. Beautiful combs can be for a bride’s wedding hairdo and for her bridesmaids, as well. Mother of the bride combs are very popular too. Lovely combs can be worn for proms, christenings, special birthdays, or really just for a night out on the town.

How Much They Cost

The cost all depends on what is attached to the comb. Very simple combs found at retail stores can cost as little as £0.99. Custom made combs with Swarovski crystals and freshwater pearls can cost as much as £50.00. With some lovely sparkles attached to metal hair combs, they’re bound to add some excitement to any occasion.

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