Met Ball hotties and notties

The Met Ball, also known as the Costume Institute Gala is always gushingly described as attracting 'the toast of New York society' - for us, that always conjures up images of what Tom Wolf called 'social x-rays' - alarmingly emaciated old dames with Hermes bags and tightened skin. But whatever, the Ball attracts tons of celebrities in their glad rags, which is why we're here.

Disappointingly this year, stars seemed to view the event as an extension of the Oscars - and so wore safe, flattering gowns in nude, silver and gold hues. Emma Watson, Kate Hudson, Jessica Alba, SJP - we're talking about YOU.

So thank heavens for the 'renegades' who livened things up, and risked looking a bit silly. Katy Perry went for classic white ballgown, accessorized with fairy lights, so she really was the brightest star at the ball (vomit). Our favourite outfit of the night, just in terms of boundary pushing, was worn by good old Alexa Chung, who went for a hybrid of Southern preacher/ magician/ dominatrix. Strong look...

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