Stay practical in comfort with a mens tweed field coat

Regardless of what the fashion world says, men who know style know that tweed never goes out of style. Even the more functional varieties of tweed clothing, like the ever reliable mens tweed field coat, have always had a certain charm about them that typifies the British spirit and attitude.

Made for warmth and practicality, but always looking great, the men's tweed field coat stands head and shoulders above almost all other outdoor jackets, and we're delighted to be able to give you all the information about our favourite from the last few years, the Tweed Windowpane Check Field Coat available exclusively from Cordings of Piccadilly, London.

With a heavy duty and excellent quality two way brass zip, silent button studs which mean absolutely no annoying rattling while you move, and reinforced pockets, this jacket is certainly built to last. It also features loden trimming around the pocket mouth, collar and storm cuffs to ensure your comfort no matter what the weather.

Available for just £595 from the Cordings website, located online at www.cordings.co.uk, this jacket comes in a wide range of sizes to suit absolutely everyone.

Its waterproof finish makes it an ideal all season jacket, and the Teflon finish means that it will comfortably withstand even the most extreme of British weather, while still retaining an ability to breathe so as not to stifle you on milder days.

It might well sound like an awful lot of money to pay for a tweed field coat, but the fact is that when you spend a lot of time outdoors you absolutely need to ensure your comfort, warmth and dryness at all times - and it certainly ticks all the boxes in that regard.

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