Mens sun glasses - protect your eyes in style!

Mens sun glasses are in every shop as the temperature rises and it looks like the summer is finally here. Available almost everywhere from the high street shops to your local opticians, there is a huge range that can accommodate any budget.

Top Man and River Island currently have sales on that see the price of sunglasses start at a very recession friendly £6!!

Sunglasses from an opticians will cost considerably more as they specialise in either prescription frames or high end designers.

If it is a designer brand that you're looking for, TK Maxx stock various labels in the summer months with new lines added weekly. The designers include Guess, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren. While the prices are considerably discounted, you can still expect to pay upwards of £40 for Hilfiger and £60 for Armani. However, there is a clearance section which means you could find a genuine bargain.

Online shopping can also produce results with eBay offering ranges of both new and Preowned sunglasses. It is worth noting that while Dior glasses may sound a snip at £30, there is a possibility that you would be buying replicas and this would be obvious from the poor quality.

If you're shopping online, always use sellers that accept payment via Paypal and that way you can get a refund should the goods be sub standard or faulty when they arrive. It can be difficult to spot fake goods from a photo so check the sellers feedback, this is basically a satisfaction rating, and that may provide you with more information on what to expect from your purchase.

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