Mens summer shorts - time to get those legs out!

Men's summer shorts are possibly the most versatile wardrobe item ever!

Once the domain of surfer dudes, the summer short is now one of fashions hottest items. Dressed up for work-with chino shorts and a short sleeved shirt, totally casual bermudas with a muscle top or worn instead of the slightly scary speedo option when taking a dip, men's shorts have truly found their place on the fashion radar and they're here to stay.

So once you've decided to go shopping for shorts where do you start? Knowing your own style is important otherwise you're not going to feel totally comfortable so check out the rest of your wardrobe first. If you're conservative and like neutral or muted colours, cargo and chino shorts might be your best option. They're simply a shorter version of the pants and are an ideal staple for warm days travelling or walking around. If you're more extrovert and spend a lot of time at the beach then bermudas made of lighter fabric, and often with bright colours and eye popping patterns, might be better suited to your needs.

The keyword when choosing men's summer shorts is going to be comfort. Some guys have no problem in shedding clothes once the temperatures start to rise but there are those that would be more self conscious when it comes to showing off their pins so don't rush the purchase, choose wisely and then you have a new item of clothing that you can wear and expand on. Happy shopping!

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