Mens summer dressing gowns - a taste of daily living!

Mens summer dressing gowns are now an acceptable part of daily attire. As the temperatures rise and the evenings get longer, it's not uncommon to change into casual leisurewear when you get in from work.

Many stores stock dressing gowns that are so light they could almost double as a cardigan! Large chain stores like Marks and Spencers and Primark offer good quality dressing gowns at a budget price. Many of these ranges include pyjamas that are classed as leisurewear because they resemble tracksuits. Dressing gowns with hoods are ideal for keeping you warm on chillier evenings.

A dressing gown in Marks and Spencers will cost upwards of £20, while Primark robes start at £15 for a lightweight cotton/flannelette version with a belt.

If you're thinking of buying a designer dressing gown, TK Maxx stocks a year round range of sleepwear that includes designers like Calvin Klein, Burberry, Ed Hardy and Tommy Hilfiger all at reduced costs. TK Maxx often have a "clearance" range, so the chance to bag a bargain is quite high!

Online shopping can also be a good place to start, with eBay offering a surprising number of sellers stocking men's dressing gowns. There is always the possibility that the item won't be to your liking when it arrives, so only buy from a seller with positive feedback ratings and that accepts payment through Paypal. This means that you can buy with confidence!

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