Men's Suit Buying Tips

Before we provide you with our men's suit buying tips, you need to consider what you want the suit for.

Work suit: If you're buying a suit for work, you'll want to get as much use out of it over a long period of time as possible. For work suits, consider buying a darker colour that won't fade.

Occasion Wear: A suit for special occasions, such as attending a wedding or christening, should be more stylish than a work suit, but you should also consider one that can last a few years for many different ocassions.

Job interviews: If you really want to make an impression at your job interviews, invest in a sharp, smart fitted suit. For the corporate atmosphere, opt for navy and dark colours with minimal detail.

How a Suit Should Fit

Once you know what kind of suit you want, you can start looking for tailors and shops to find the right style for you.

The Fit

One of our most important men's suit buying tips is to check the fit. The tailor or salesperson will help with measurements, but you need to remember that a suit isn't designed for sports or sternous activity. When you move your arms in the suit and it feels slightly constricting, this is a sign of a good fit. You can be the judge of whether it is too constricting or not for its purpose; for example, a looser suit my be ideal for the work place.

Avoid Pleated Trousers

Although most people prefer pleated trousers, these were designed to be worn high up (below the belly button) and, if worn lower, will make the trousers puff out below the waist and look very unflattering. Pleated trousers do suit some suit wearers, but they usually just add extra fabric to your hips and make them appear bigger than they are.

Fitted Shirts

Fitted shirts compliment a suit very well. A shirt that isn't fitted may puff out of your jacket in certain areas and certain retailers have different size guides. For example, some retailers will use more fabric in the mid section compared to other brands, which could result in a puffy midsection through the jacket of your suit. Normally, you will be able to buy fitted shirts wherever your suit is tailored from.

Personal Taste

Our final addition to our men's suit buying tips is to consider your own person tastes. Be careful of the salesperson when buying the suit and remember they won't have the same tastes as you, or even good taste at all; don't be afraid to tell them you dislike something, or to ask opinions from someone else regarding your suit.

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