Men's shorts: summer 2013 fashion trends

If you’re looking for ways to keep and stay cool this summer season, have a look at the men’s shorts summer 2013 fashion collection. It will give you ideas what’s stylish this season based on high street fashion as well as tips for combining and wearing these comfortable clothes. We take a look at the high street fashion and check what’s making the buzz this summer season.

Trends on the high street

The high street has several trends that might be of interest to those who are fashion conscious. Consider the following men’s shorts summer 2013 fashion collection:

  • Prints and cottons

Get hold of the Bulldog Mid-length Printed Swim Shorts from Orlebar Brown for £165. The Norwich cotton shorts with adjustable metal clasps from the same brand are also not bad selling for £160.

  • Pleats

If you like your shorts looking formal, check out the pleated cotton and linen blend shorts from Wooyoungmi selling for £64.50. The Riz Burgh Paradise Shorts from Albam selling for £85 is not too bad either for casual and informal settings. Its colourful flower and leaf print in orange colour are great for summer. It is secured by drawstrings.

  • Slim fit, loose, and plaids

For a stylish look, try the Slim Fit Cotton Shorts by Polo Ralph Lauren costing £100. J. Crew has a nice pair of Stanton Gingham Short in plaid selling for £65.22 while Paul Smith offers the Mid Length Swim Shorts in print for £110. For a chic and elegant day, don’t hesitate to don on the Straight Leg Linen Short from AMI. It will keep you cool and stylish for only £52.50.

  • Short suits

Fearless and bold gentlemen can even take their fashion style to the next level with short suits. Pair glamorous shorts with a snappy blazer, sweatshirt, jacket or blazer or simply go with a cotton shirt (£22 from Asos). For shoes, don on leather sandals and loafers (£175 from Bromley) for a casual yet glam look.

How to wear them

Men's shorts and the 2013 fashion collection are trendy and practical for the warm months, but be sure you know how to wear them. They come in different sizes, styles, and colours. A good length of shorts should be just above the kneecaps. When it comes to colours and patterns, khakis and mono prints are solid bets. Save the flowers and bold prints for the beach or other informal outdoor events.

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