How to wear men's scarves

Men's scarves are not only practical, but stylish too. Many men shy away from scarves, preferring to wrap up warm in parkas or duffels. However, a good scarf will keep the chills from creeping down your colour and allow you to experiment with different jacket and coat styles.

Here are some of the top ways to wear your scarf.

The traditional

The traditional way to wear men's scarves is to drape it around your neck - no knots or wraps or twists involved. This is a great style to wear with a smart outfit - like a mid length wool jacket over a suit. Inject a little colour into your outfit with a bright blocked or vertical striped scarf.

The Parisian knot

The Parisian knot is the simplest and most popular scarf knot for men. Double the scarf in two (length wise), put it around your neck, slip the loose end through the loop and pull it tight. Et Voila! This is a great look for low collared jackets.

Draped around knot

Starting at the front, wrap the two ends of the scarf around the back of the neck. Depending on your outfit, the length of the scarf and how cold it is outside, you can wrap once or twice. Then drape both ends back over the front. Experiment with tightest - a single wrap hanging loosely looks casual and trendy, while a tight double wrap will keep you cosy and is a great alternative to the Parisian.

The Flip

Drape the scarf around your neck and fling one end over your shoulder.

The Hipster

The hipster is an edgier look that works great with wider and square shaped men's scarves. Fold the scarf in two diagonally to produce a triangle shape. Then wrap the triangle around your neck, with the pointed end on your chest. Pull the two ends back round to the front or tuck them under the triangle.

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