Men's Lounge Suit dress code explained

Established in the 1870s and remained almost unchanged since, a Lounge Suit is typically a set of garments made of the same fabric. It can be made of jacket and trousers but also include a waistcoat, as well as, of course, a matching tie. To find out what is appropriate or not when a Lounge Suit dress code is required take a look at our short fashion guide.

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A Lounge suit dress code on an invitation typically requires a Lounge Suit or Cocktail Dress. In the hierarchy of dress code, this is an informal one, as opposed to White tie and Black Tie. Indeed, this is an informal dress code in so far Lounge suits can be worn in most social occasions and are the are a common choice for everyday life, especially if you work in an office.

The best option for a Lounge Suit dress code is a fitting dark suit, slim and flattering on your figure, possibly in the finest quality you can afford, in terms of materials and manufacture. Dark shades of blue or grey are the most versatile, as is the single-breasted choice in terms of jacket choice.

Wear a clean, well pressed cotton shirt, white is definitely the smartest choice, especially if paired with black patent shoes. In this attire, pastel shade shirts and dark brown shoes are daring but acceptable, it is really up to ou whether you feel like standing out, and how much.

On the other hand, a classic black or grey only suit, the kind you would wear to a funeral, is better left out. Also, avoid at all costs eccentric moves such as swapping the trousers for a pair of jeans or dressing down the suit by wearing a t-shirt instead of a shirt.

Don't forget the tie: silk is best, while bow ties are acceptable but very unusual. And remember, top button of the shirt collar must be done up!

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