mens holiday shorts - time to pack those bags!

Mens holiday shorts are a summer wardrobe staple. There's never been a wider range to choose from and their versatility makes them suitable for every occasion! If you're going away on a foreign holiday then the brighter the colours the better!

Swim shorts are available from budget stores like Primark and will only set you back around £5! These shorts have a mesh lining built in so that they don't become transparent when wet.

If you're thinking of shorts for your evening activities then perhaps classic chino shorts would be to your liking. These shorts are informal yet dressy and are acceptable in most clubs and bars.

Stores like Top Man or River Island stock various styles of shorts and you can expect to pay up to £19.99 for cargo shorts.

If you're shopping on a budget then having a look in TK Maxx might be a good option as not only do they sell designer shorts at seriously reduced prices but they have a "clearance" section which offers further reductions so the chances of walking away with a bargain are very high!

eBay is another treasure trove of discounted summer clothing with many eBay sellers dealing specifically with shorts and t-shirts. The prices will vary widely depending on quality, postage costs and if that item is up for a auction or selling at a fixed price. Sizes may vary depending on the nationality of the seller so it's always wise to check exact measurements before committing to buy!

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