Where to buy mens floral shorts

It takes a special type of guy to be into mens floral shorts. Unless you are some kind of party mad surfer from Hawaii the floral short scene is pretty non-existent. That's why it takes someone that will go all out and brave a pair of men's floral shorts too a beach.

Even the idea of a man standing on a beach in the UK, pale skinned under grey skies and shivering is a hilarious image. We are not here to judge though and there will be no laughing on our part.

So, where can you pick yourself up a pair of fly florals? Why the internet of course! Head over to the 'Peacocks' website and let's find you a pair of men's floral shorts.

Here you will find a huge selection of all different styles of shorts. They have short shorts, medium shorts and 3/4 length shorts. As far as styles go you can get everything from safari style to casual, Hawaiian to denim, you name it, they have it!

We found a great pair of florals for only £12! They are called 'Men's Sketchy Floral Shorts' and they are on sale so now really is the time to get them. If your feeling even more adventurous then check out the palm tree shorts, they are floral style but even more over the top.

Hit up the Peacocks website and see what's on offer. If it's florals you seek then you will not be disappointed, your friends might be though!

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