Mens flip flops, a must for summer

Mens flip flops- that very phrase conjures up visions of balmy summers, barbecues and a general feeling of well being. Why is this? Possibly because men's flip flops are worn in good weather...rain wouldn't be conducive to flip flops.

Once a footwear confined to the beach or poolside, flip flops have enjoyed a revamp over the last few years and are now on the cusp of fashion, popping onto the most discerning feet in a variety of settings.

Available in a startling array of colours, styles and materials, men's flip flops are a trend in themselves. The leather thonged variety look well in the evenings when worn with cargo shorts and a polo t-shirt whereas, for a more informal approach, the canvas or lighter material versions are ideal for a trip to the beach or a barbecue.

Men's fashion designers have long being designing flip flops to accompany their spring/summer collections but the high street has an equally impressive selection with prices to suit every conceivable budget. Mens flip flops, while initially known for their comfort and hygienic properties, have now become synonymous with cutting edge fashion. Not simply the domain of celebrities, flip flops hold their universal appeal while managing to retain their rightful place on the fashion radar.

Timeless and always fashionable, mens flip flops are a staple item for every summer footwear wardrobe. The only question is, how do you wear yours? Are you going to dig deep into your summer clothing and accessorise or is a full shopping trip on the horizon....?

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