mens beach bags - time to make a splash!

Mens beach bags are a summer or holiday essential. They not only keep all your beach essentials in one place but they also ensure that you don't leave anything behind!

Abercrombie and Fitch do a range of canvas zip up bags that are suitable for the beach. These bags are washable, durable and extremely roomy. As the Abercrombie logo features on the front of each bag, this also makes them high in the fashion stakes as well as being a practicality!

Another option is to invest in holdalls. These can be obtained from any sports shop or department store. The key to selecting a good beach bag is to ensure its hard wearing and has enough room for all your essentials. If you're going swimming then remember that wet clothes and towels weigh a lot more than the dry ones you originally packed!

If you're hunting beachbags down on the high street then a quick trip to TK Maxx could see you walk away with an oversized canvas tote bag in navy for only £9.99. This shop also stocks a "clearance" range on accessories and beachwear so the chances of bagging yourself a bargain are high!

If you're shopping on a budget then drop in to Primark where a beach bag will set you back around £5.99 or have a look on eBay if you're hunting for a particular brand or designer. If you're shopping on eBay then make sure you buy from a seller that accepts Paypal.

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