Ideal mens all terrain walking boots

Why should I choose mens all terrain boots for my walking?

Before undertaking any outdoors activity, from a gentle stroll through a country park, to hiking across the Scottish Cairngorm Mountains, your choice of footwear is vitally important. All terrain boots are specifically designed to keep you protected from the elements and from difficult conditions underfoot.

Are mens all terrain walking boots suitable for any condition?

Although all boots are designed for full protection, there are subtle differences amongst the scores of available designs.

Because there’s such a huge variety of countryside waiting to be explored, before you treat yourself to mens all terrain wedding boots, you’ll need to be aware of the conditions you’ll be facing. Will you be tackling paths, hills or mountains? Will there be stretches of marshy ground, or streams to be forded? If the terrain you’re heading for is snowy, check out snow boots.

Where are recommended outlets for mens all terrain walking boots?

A typical site to begin your search is e-outdoor (www.e-outdoor.co.uk/21/mens_walking_boots.aspx). If you’re doing serious hiking, carrying substantial kit over rough terrain, then you’ll be looking for sturdy trekking boots, such as their Brasher Altai GTX range (retailing at £110.50).

The Brasher Kanaga GTX is more expensive (RRP £140.25) but it is a high cut boot that will serve your mountain walking needs all-year round.

At the lower end of the scale, hillwalking through valleys and well-defined paths and trails is catered for by the more lightweight Brasher Lairg GTX (RRP £50.00).

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