Dressing tips for men: what to wear on a first date

Whether you’re a pro at dating or men wondering what to wear on a first date, there are certain rules to follow if you want that meeting to turn flawless and perfect. The clothes and shoes you wear make up the bulk of first impressions and even if they certainly do not mean the final verdict, they can play to your advantage or disadvantage when going out.

Dressing protocol

  • The right attire for the right place and time

This sounds like a basic rule and common sense, but the fact is, men wonder what to wear on a first date all the time. They want to make a fantastic impression without thinking of the consequences. Most would go for dinner dates and show up with a complete suit and tie. Discard the tie for the boardroom and go for outfits without appearing too dressy such as an elegant jacket with a crisp shirt underneath that you can take off easily. Of course, when going to a theatre or a formal dinner show, you have to wear a tie, but otherwise save your work suits for the office and loosen up a bit when you’re on a date.

  • Accessories are important

A good pair of nice, chic shoes is very important if you want to impress your date. Women are simply crazy about footwear and her gaze will often stray on those shoes. Don’t ever show up in your trainers unless you decided to play sports on your first date or meet at the park for a stroll. Trainers are for the gym and sports activities. Instead, wear brogues, derbys or oxfords with your suits or casual clothes.

  • Socks

Coordinate socks with the clothes you’re wearing and not the shoes you are putting on. If you can’t get the hang of this or think it’s too complicated, just go for dark colours to play it safe. Avoid loud and print socks that will make you look like a clown. Above all, make sure your socks match and do not look worn out. For what is the value of your suit and clothes, when you’ve got tattered socks to go with those gorgeous shoes.

  • Ties

We recommend dispensing with the tie unless you’re going somewhere formal or where it calls for tie and suit. Otherwise, get a fabulous scarf to complement your outfit.

  • Cologne or aftershave

Smelling good is always a plus, but don't empty the bottle on yourself. Two short sprays of cologne or aftershave on the face are enough.

Final thought

It’s not only important that men know what to wear on a first date. Good grooming and polite manners are also part of the dress code when going on a first date. Make sure clothes are neatly pressed and ironed before stepping out of the house. Even if you have the most stylish clothes, dirty shoes, fingernails, unwashed hair and crumpled clothes are big turn-offs as well as being loud and impolite.

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