At odds with men socks and fashion

If there is anything guaranteed to repel anyone, it’s to go without men socks as a fashion trend. The buzz is everywhere since high street designers revealed their latest collection on the catwalk in Milan. It is fashionable to go sockless even if you’re donning that pricey suit. Next spring’s fashion trend is even more audacious as it goes against socks etiquette, wearing socks with sandals.

These trends will blow your socks off

Forget about men socks and fashion ruling how you complete an outfit. Major designers have revealed their latest collections which are going to be released next year. A few of these trends include:

  • Wearing socks with sandals

Gone are the days when wearing sandals is frowned upon or seen as a fashion gaffe. This time around, wearing socks with your tongs, sandals, and flip flops is a fashion statement, one that defies standard socks etiquette. The bright side is, you won’t actually get blisters when you’re wearing socks even when temps are rising, so that’s one redeeming benefit.

  • Bold prints

Who would have thought that those bold print socks of the geeky and nerdy fellow is the in thing? From stripes and animal prints to linear and angular shapes, you’ll see a plethora of audacious prints in the coming seasons. Burberry is already an institution with its matching plaid socks that's so characteristic of the brand.

  • Colourful socks

With bold prints come new and fresh colours to brighten seasons. It's no wonder that Happy Socks are gaining a solid hold on the socks market with their refreshing hues, styles, and patterns.

  • Sandals, shoes, and shorts

Finally, Versace’s collection features gladiator and superhero outfits as well as flashy and metallic suits. A male model was seen strutting in a blue blazer and shorts while wearing blue loafers and white socks. Prada and Versace also lead metallic sandals paired with socks. Just Cavalli model, Martin Mica, was seen sporting studded brogues in an all white suit with trousers that are just above the ankles. He wasn’t wearing any socks. This is another example of true socks etiquette that has gone haywire.

Socks oddity

While this is the latest fashion trend, men socks fashion does seem to have a following even if only to show cheekiness against what is seen as traditional and normal. The only question is, are you willing to bare your socks with your favourite sandals or go completely sockless the next time you go out in public?

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