Men: how to combine clothing colours

In modern times men are just as likely to be fashion conscious as women. The male wardrobe, once a bastion of formal suits or baggy casual wear, is often bursting with inventive style and elegantly designed clothes. So the question for men about how to combine clothing colours is a very pertinent one.

Basic colour co-ordination

For men asking how to combine clothing colours, it can seem fairly obvious which colours match and which clash. But the key to making the most of the items in a wardrobe is to appreciate the subtle variations. Most men will recognise that brown and yellow are fairly suited, or that red and green match. However, wearing these colours in the wrong shade can look disastrous. In the latter instance, if the items aren’t blended with the correct degree of taste, then you could wind up resembling an overgrown Christmas Elf.

With male fashion, many of the best solutions involve setting off the dominant colour with another more striking one. Formal suits, especially in darker colours, can come across as fairly dull and uninspiring. When coordinated with a strikingly patterned neck tie, and a pocket square that matches, the wearer’s image is completely transformed. Rather than appearing stuffy, menswear can become something altogether more stylish.

A variation on darker suits is to have a pinstripe running through the dominant colour, with bolder stripes creating a particularly vivid appearance. It’s important to be aware of the fact that colour emanates from all over your body. The larger pieces of clothing – suits, shirts – can be seen as the blank canvas. This should be coordinated with accents that will attract the eye, such as bright spectacle rims, or watchstraps.

PHOTO GALLERY: Some exaples of color coordination for Men

Combining colour in casual wear

Amongst the most popular contemporary male fashion staples, plaid shirts are always a perennial favourite. The problem with these is that they are usually unsuitable outside of casual wear. When men decide how to combine clothing colours, brightly patterned shirts are difficult to match with anything, and are best left to be worn with denim jeans.

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