Megan Fox is fit but so is Kirstie Allsopp

If your surname's Fox it'd be a shame - and a bit embarrassing- if you were a real munter.

But Megan Fox has done her namesake proud by coming tops of an FHM World's Sexiest Women poll. The Fox, best known for being well fit on telly (and the odd film) in America, wept with gratitude at the prestigious prize and vowed to devote the rest of her life to being extremely fine. Made that up.

The real star of the show was Kirsty Alsopp. The matronly Location Location Location star jogged to the finish line at an admirable 99, elbowing the likes of Kate Moss and Myleene Klass clean out of the top 100 - to noone knows where.

Last but actually third, Sun melon barer Keeley Hazell came out top of the UK ladies scooping third spot. A smashing result for her.

So, girl next door with big set of knockers it is for Brit blokes then. And all round polished predictable fitness for the Yanks. There's nothing more culturally unifying - or culturally diversifying than a good FHM poll. Ta lads!

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