Megalomaniac chic

In another 'fashion has eaten itself' moment the Daily Mail have highlighted a hot new trend: dictator chic. Yes, apparently it's time we channelled our inner Kim Jong. The look is military, utilitarian, powerful - think Madonna on adoption day or Anna Wintour er, all the time. The Mail fashion boffins shed some light: 'Military chic, hot off this season's catwalk, is a trend aimed at empowering women through fashion. And what better way to achieve world domination and project yourself as a force to be reckoned with than following in the footsteps of history's most feared men?

We could think of a couple of better ways... We're not sure Posh Spice will be chuffed with the Hitler comparison, either. And as for Cheryl Cole mustering her inner Stalin - we're having visions of the dead tyrant singing Fight for This Love.

Megalomaniac chic is the most tenuous and bad taste trend we've come across yet. Sorry fashion peeps, blazers are about as daring as we get..

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