McQueen's legacy to designers and cats

Alexander McQueen has left a generous legacy to struggling designers, as well as cats and dogs throughout the land, after his will and testament were made public yesterday. The iconic designer gave most of his £16 million fortune to charity.

According to Vogue, 'The designer left £100,000 each to The Terrence Higgins Trust and the London Buddhist Centre, £50,000 to his housekeepers, Marlene and Cesar Garcia, for their 'long and faithful service', £50,000 to his godson and each of his nieces and nephews; and £250,000 to each of his three sisters and two brothers.'

The designer also left £100,000 to animal charities The Blue Cross and Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. The head of Blue Cross told Vogue, 'It is a touching tribute to his obvious love for his dogs, and his legacy will allow us to help many thousands more sick and homeless animals across the UK.'

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