McQueen's Last Collection

Alexander McQueen's last collection was shown in Paris this week, and the results were hailed as a stunning and fitting tribute to a master of his trade - a collection which, aptly, referenced the Old Masters of fine art.

The delicate beauty of the clothes, embroidered with brocade and heavy with symbolism and religious iconography contrasted dramatically with the models' bandaged heads and mohawk haircuts.

The Independent's fashion correspondent commented: 'This was a heartbreakingly beautiful and perfectly judged tribute to one of the greatest talents the fashion industry has known, realised by a tightly knit and gifted group of people who have protected his name and what it stands for since he started out.'

The collection was accompanied by 17th century choral music that McQueen had listened to as he prepared the clothes, emphasising the sepulchral and spooky atmosphere.

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