Mcqueen's ex husband speaks out

While the fashion world's leading lights have been falling over themselves to outdo each other with gushing tributes to Alexander McQueen - with even d-listers like Mylene Klass feeling the need to issue a public statement - his ex husband has condemned the fashion world for its shallowness.

Talking to the The Daily Mail, George Forsyth said, 'The fashion world is full of hangers-on and liggers everywhere. You can spot them a mile off. They’re so paper-thin you can see right through them.'

Clearly, no one told Patti Smith to tone down the public mourning. According to the The NY Daily News, the singer gave her own performance dedicated to the London designer, in her own inimitable style. Says one by-stander, 'She was repeatedly screaming 'Alexander' and 'Queen' in between songs. It was a little much. A lot of the people in the audience were raising their glasses and getting into it, but chances are most of them couldn't pick out one of his designs from a lineup.'

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