McQueen's all white

There has been a lot of speculation recently about who will design Kate Middleton's wedding dress, with McQueen's Sarah Burton the most recent name to enter the rumour-mill. Of course that has prompted endless debate about how suitable a choice Alexander McQueen would be for a royal bride, despite both the palace and McQueen categorically denying that Burton is even in the running.

The Guardian even points out that 'McQueen himself claimed to have made suits for the Prince of Wales containing crude messages of an unflattering nature'. So a royal collaboration would be quite a major change of direction for the brand.

Having said that, Burton's second collection for McQueen, which was shown at Paris Fashion Week yesterday, featured a LOT of white and was described by ELLE's editor-in-chief Lorraine Candy as 'an extraordinary collection of clothes...unlike any other show you will see'. The fact that many of the gowns were exquisite creations with an almost Elizabethan-vibe, one of which even had a organza train, would have been coincidence given that they will have been designed months before the rumours started circulating.

We love the idea that Kate could wear McQueen, and can certainly see Burton's new vision working well for a royal wedding. But until the big day all we mere mortals can do is speculate - the Palace's lips are very much sealed.

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