Maxim Magazine top 100 sexiest women poll

Another day, another mens magazine poll of the world's sexiest women. While a recent FHM poll crowned Megan Fox Queen of the sex pixies, Maxim Magazine has unearthed some altogether different findings.

According to Maxim American, Victoria's Secrets supermodel Marisa Miller is sexiest. 'Dangerously curvy' Scarlett Johansson second sexiest, and Jessica Biel (poor mans Sienna Miller), third.

Last year's Queen of the Sexies, Lindsay Lohan fell to a miserable 9 leading some to believe her recent five fingered discount" may have cost her crucial votes. Oh dear.

But the real surprise was 'pie belly or baby belly' Britney who, thanks to recent stints looking blonde and airbrushed on 'How I Met Your Mother' crawled in at number 20. Well done Brits. The rest of the poll was padded out with obvious names like Charlize Theron, Jessica Simspon, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Beyonce - and a couple of other pretty wee scraps noone's really heard of..

James Miller (Maxim editor) is happy enough with his findings. "Miller embodies the official return of the all-American supermodel. Not since Cindy Crawford ruled the catwalk has a pinup born and bred on U.S. soil so thoroughly captured the imagination of the American male,"

No more mens magazine polls please.

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