Matthew Williamson lights up London Fashion Week

Of all the dates on this year's fashion calendar London Fashion Week 2009 (celebrating its 25th anniversary) has been the hugest. No wonder then that homegrown talent like Matthew Williamson was greeted with such rapturous applause after showing off his spring/summer 2010 in the capital this week.

Eye watering, flouresecent colours, Balearic inspired mini-dresses and bum skimming shorts gave the Williamson show a distincly 90s, if not exactly daywear feel. Ultra slim fitting trouser-suits and floaty hippy inspired maxi dresses featured, as did sparkles, sequins and mirrors. A floaty black maxi dress with humungous stone necklace and a series of colourful print black dresses got our vote.

Mancunian Matthew Williamson is the darling of the celebrity world; his dresses sell out faster than free hotcakes when donned by one of his celebrity 'muses' (Kylie, Cheryl Cole, Sienna Miller, Madonnaetc). While his designs might not always be very wearable for mere mortals, dazzling, exciting fashion like this is what it's all about. His collection at H&M was the fashion highlight of our decade. Nice one our kid!

Check out the super-charged show below.

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