Matthew Williamson launches his first bridal collection

All this talk of next year’s Royal wedding has got us in a flutter, thinking about what style of dress Kate will go for. Big and meringue-like? Or floaty and boho? No doubt the search has already begun for the perfect Middleton bridal gown. She’s known to be a fan of Issa London but news has just hit our radar that none other than Matthew Williamson is set to launch his own bridal collection. Could that be a perfect fashion marriage?

Williamson tells Vogue: ‘Creating a bridalwear collection was a natural progression from my evening wear collections which are well known for their softly draped and diaphanous silk gowns. We found there was a huge demand for it and so we have developed a comprehensive range, including both short dresses, long gowns, corseted styles and also shapes more suited to laid-back glamorous beach weddings.’

Apparently the collection will be complemented by a range of headbands, beaded stoles and clutch bags, for ultimate luxury. So much choice, Kate, and so little time!

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