Maternity Swimsuits - Taking 'the Bump' for a swim

Swimming is a wonderful way for a woman to exercise during pregnancy. It is better than other forms of exercise because it makes the woman feel weightless.

So, if you’re bump is beginning to show where should you go to buy maternity swimsuits?


Tankinis make ideal maternity bathing suits because they are two-piece. The materials used in this type of swimwear are stretchy and soft. They are fitted and cut to the pregnant figure and designed to flatter a pregnant woman’s curves. Patterns or darker colours can disguise the bump or you could take the other tact and buy something summery and colourful to celebrate the pregnancy.

Specialist Retailers

Whether you need the swimwear for relaxing on the beach or swimming in the pool, places like Mamas and Papas and Mother Care are obvious first stops. Whether you buy online or on the high street, both of these outlets offer plenty of choice to satisfy even the most fussy of mothers-to-be.

Other Retailers

Today there is so much choice in the marketplace that woman can continue to look gorgeous throughout their pregnancy without spending big. Other retailers like Next and Matalan, as well as leading online retailers, sell a line of maternity bathing suits, so you are not restricted to specialist shops.

Final Word

Feeling comfortable, looking great and staying fit should remain high on any mother-to-be’s priority list. With sporty designs, traditional designs, colourful ones and more reserved swimsuits on the market, there’s more than enough choice for mums-to-be.

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