Expecting a baby and looking for maternity clothes for a wedding?

  • nuttakit

Whether you plan to work throughout your pregnancy, have a formal function to attend or just want something comfortable yet stylish to wear, maternity-wear is the way to go. Maternity-wear manufacturers seem to be cottoning on to the fact that a pregnant woman still wants to look good, and wear the latest fashions where possible, including maternity clothes for a wedding although there is always room for the all-covering empire line tops and dresses.

If you are looking for maternity clothing for a wedding and have a few pounds to spend, we recommend taking a look at Isabella Oliver clothing. It isn't cheap but the quality and cut are amazing and should take you through more than one pregnant special occasion that requires dressing up, should you be brave enough to go for it again!

Seraphine is another outlet that sells high quality, fashionable maternity clothes to meet all occasions, also at the top end of the budget. We also love hautemamaboutique.com for all things maternity and baby related. They have some fantastic products and clothing, as well as really good sale reductions all year round.

If your budget doesn't quite stretch to these retailers, you could take a look at Mothercare, Next or Jojomamanbebe both of which have a fairly comprehensive range of maternity wear, including some maternity clothes for a wedding or christening or other special occasion. The selection is not as wide as you would expect if shopping for non maternity wear but you should be able to find something to flatter your changing shape. You could also try Boden who have just started a maternity range of good quality, flattering and fashionable clothing.

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